Tips To Avoid Tennis Elbow

Lateral elbow pain is very common today with repetitive movements so prolific in many of our jobs and daily activities. People often underestimate it as an annoying pain at first, but it can be very frustrating and debilitating for some.Here are some handy tips:1.  Train yourself to be more ambidextrous. The more evenly you can …

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How’s Your Posture Today?

We’ve heard it before, but we need to be vigiliant in ensuring we maintain good posture when both standing and sitting. In many cases, it is a combination of several factors that cause a person to have poor posture. Most poor posture is casued by: Excessive weight Weak muscles Muscles imbalances Laziness in paying attention to …

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Did You Know That Exercise Can Help You Fight The Ageing Process?

Everyone knows that exercise is good for you! However, it’s not just beneficial for the young, healthy and already fit, it is beneficial for all ages. Exercise is one of the best defenses against the tough aspects of the ageing process. Research has proven that not only heart and lung health improve with exercises, but physical activity …

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Do you need orthotics?

Why do we sometimes need orthotics? Orthotics are designed to restore optimal lower limb biomechanics when standing, walking and running. They stabilise and support the feet to optimise your centre of gravity over the foot at each part of your gait. This helps to maintain joints and muscles in their ideal positions, reducing injuries and …

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