Make a wise decision for Pre and Post-rehabilitation with Physiotherapy

Pre or Post-operation rehabilitation through physiotherapy is an essential part of the body and mind recovery process.

At Back to Health Physiotherapy we see patients regain strength, flexibility, and mobility through rehabilitation programs. It plays a crucial role in reducing pain and preventing complications during the recovery process. By working closely with one of our physiotherapists, patients can achieve optimal quality of recovery and improve their overall quality of life.

During the pre-operation period, rehabilitation for physiotherapists focuses on preparing the patient for surgery and being well-conditioned. This may involve strengthening, stretching or mobility training. By having pre-operation rehab patients can improve their post-operative rehab experience dramatically.  Improving muscle strength, muscle control and flexibility before surgery makes it much easier to regain after surgery, speeding up the recovery. 

Post-operation is an individualised experience dependent on the injury and the patient’s capabilities. At Back to Health Physiotherapy we take into consideration your overall goals and meet expectations as best as possible. We place a strong focus on the ability to educate our patients on the injury to best improve their recovery period.

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