The Perks Of Ocean Swimming

Ocean swimming is a form of open-water swimming. It is a great way to soak up some time outside and stay active. Fortunately for us, we live locally to the beach, so ocean swimming has your name written all over it!

What are the benefits of ocean swimming?
– The ocean contains vitamins & minerals which improve our skin and help boost the immune system
– The ocean also has high levels of magnesium, improving sleep
– High levels of magnesium can also calm the nervous system, lowering your stress levels
– Cold water boosts circulation which helps your body to deliver more oxygen to vital organs
– Saltwater acts as a natural anti-inflammatory and therefore helps reduce inflammation
– The ocean’s salt levels help to reduce respiratory symptoms
– Being outdoors and exercising both help boost endorphins and improve your mental Health

It’s also common to continue ocean swimming all year round as the cold water temperatures have other positive health benefits.

Beaches near me that are best for ocean swimming:
– Collaroy Rockpool (length: 50m with 8 lanes)
– Freshwater Rockpool (length: 50m with 8 lanes)
– Mona Vale Rockpool (length: 30m)
– Dee Why Rockpool (length: 50m)
– Newport Rockpool (length: 50m)
– Avalon Rockpool (length: 25m)
– Bilgola Rockpool (length: 50m)
– Fairlight Rockpool (length: 30m)
– Collins Beach Manly (flat waveless beach)

When swimming in the open ocean or the ocean pool, we recommend you match your swimming strokes to the conditions. For instance, when the conditions are more challenging you would stick to the strokes you find the most comfortable. However, in calmer conditions, you might experiment with some less familiar strokes that you don’t do too often.

Remember: Backstroke is a great stroke but should be done only in the pool. Lifeguards may mistake your strokes as a sign to be rescued. And the whole point is to swim back, not catch the jetski home! 

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