Avoiding Text Neck During A Time Full Of Technology

‘Text Neck’ is a term used to describe the pain that is a result of constantly looking down at our handheld technological devices. Excessively straining our necks in the incorrect position can often result in headaches, reduced range of motion, muscle strain, postural changes, and neck or back pain. We may think this doesn’t apply to us, but it most likely will impact you at some point if you are an active mobile phone, laptop, or tablet user.

How can you reduce the impact of text neck?
1. Hold your device at eye level and keep your posture tall

2. Take regular breaks to avoid looking down at your screen over long periods of time

3. Reduce screen time by using features such as virtual assistance and voice commands

4. Take regular breaks from using technology

5. Set up your computer monitor so it is at eye level (at work and at home)

6. Keep moving and being active generally as a regular habit. This helps a lot to offset the negative effects of using technology.

The type of posture that leads to ‘Text Neck’ is the head tilting forward and rounded shoulders. Sit or stand up tall to reduce excessive strain on your neck and avoid the negative impacts on your back and shoulders.

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