Preventing Lower Back Pain with Therapeutic Exercise And More

Did you know that therapeutic exercises are often recommended as an intervention for lower back pain? However, it can often be difficult for patients to follow through with their physiotherapist’s instructions and commit to an exercise regime.

A recent study found that lower back pain is one of the current leading cause of disability worldwide. Therapeutic exercises increase blood flow and nutrients to soft tissue in the back which reduces stiffness and improves the healing process. This is why it is often recommended for patients struggling with chronic pain in their lower back.

What are some common examples of therapeutic exercise?
– Walking
– Jogging
– Pilates
– Strength training
– Balance training
– Flexibility training
– Endurance training

Additionally, the study also aimed to discover the key behavioural mechanisms of exercise prescription. Results found that trust, motivation, and confidence were the 3 key mechanisms for improving one’s commitment and engagement in exercise, further improving the outcome of the injury.

Although we know that exercise can help with lower back pain, we now also know that the relationship between a physiotherapist and their client is crucial for the patient to make a conscious effort to complete the exercise prescribed to them and work towards a full recovery.

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Reference Paper: Wood, L. et al. (2024) ‘Contexts, behavioural mechanisms and outcomes to optimise therapeutic exercise prescription for persistent low back pain: A realist review’, British Journal of Sports Medicine, 58(4), pp. 222–230. doi:10.1136/bjsports-2023-107598.