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Facing Pain On Your Own?

Are you wondering if your injury will ever get better by itself? We hear this comment in the clinic all the time.Recent research shows that early intervention is vital.Jorven et al, (2000) conducted a study on two groups of people who had sustained a muscle injury recently. One group commenced treatment immediately while the other …

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Exercise during Pregnancy

Exercise in moderation and adapting to individual circumstances during pregnancy can be both beneficial for a mother and a baby. Exercise during pregnancy can be incredibly beneficial for blood circulation, reduce back pain, and even reduce or lower the risk of gestational diabetes. However, it is important to keep in mind that every pregnancy is …

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What you need to know about recovery from winter sports injuries

Winter sports can be thrilling and fun! Unfortunately, they can come with the risk of injuries. Netball and soccer are some of Australia’s most popular team sports and rely on rapid acceleration and sudden changes in direction. It is important to understand injury prevention and management to address these types of injuries including sprains and …

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