Facing Pain On Your Own?

Are you wondering if your injury will ever get better by itself?

We hear this comment in the clinic all the time.

Recent research shows that early intervention is vital.

Jorven et al, (2000) conducted a study on two groups of people who had sustained a muscle injury recently. One group commenced treatment immediately while the other group rested for twenty-one days and then commenced treatment.

It was found that the group that commenced treatment immediately was nearly back to normal in strength and mobility by day twenty-one. By day forty-two the group that initially rested for three weeks still lagged considerably behind in muscle and mobility. It has proven to be vital to start treatment early.

At Back to Health Physiotherapy, we are committed to helping you maximise your recovery and get you back to enjoying the things you like to do, whether gym, swimming, football, walking or gardening.

Your first physio appointment will give you a clear direction on what is required to have a successful and speedy recovery. Physio will help you return to normal and get you on the right track for a faster outcome.

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