Dos and Donts of a Healthy Spine: Part 1

Allowing you to stand and sit, bend and twist, a healthy spine is something that is essential to living an active life. Nothing impedes your quality of movement like a sore back, so maintaining the muscles and ligaments which surround the spine is essential to ensuring your fitness and mobility. At our physiotherapy we have compiled a few dos and don’ts for helping keep this important part of your body in good shape:

1. Don’t sit it out
One of the worst things for the lumbar region – or lower back – is extended periods of sitting down. The discs in your lower spine take three times more pressure when you sit than when you stand, so try to break up long stretches of sitting by standing up and moving around. 
Pay extra attention to your posture when you are working at the computer, as slouching can be a real killer for the neck and shoulder areas that connect to the spine.


2. Sleep easy
Don’t underestimate the importance of a supportive mattress and pillow in maintaining a healthy spine. Saggy, uneven mattresses are bad news for this crucial area and can actually end up doing damage to your back! Select a mattress and pillow that will support your spine while you sleep. It pays to take into account the way you sleep to choose the right mattress for your sleeping position. Did you know that unless you have the correct support, sleeping on your stomach can put extra pressure on your spine? Where possible, try to sleep on your back or your side to allow your spine the best rest.
Your spine is essential for your participation in a healthy, active life. Keep your spine happy, and it will serve you well for years to come!