Dos and Donts of a Healthy Spine: Part 2

Part 2!

3. Don’t let your shoes let you down

Your choice of shoe can affect your whole body, spine included. It’s so important to consider how much support the heel of your shoe offers: it should fit snugly and prevent excessive pronation or supination, where the feet roll too far in or out. If you find that you consistently wear out one side of your shoe or sole, it may be worth investigating whether your feet could benefit from orthotics to help keep your spine in alignment.

4. Stretch and move

One of the best things you can do for a healthy spine is to stay active. A routine which combines stretching, flexibility, strengthening and aerobic activity is essential for working all the muscles that help support your spine. Exercise also helps you to stay in shape, as excess weight can throw the alignment of your spine out and put extra stress on your lower back. Add a regular massage after exercise to help your muscles to relax, while also promoting blood flow and repair in this crucial area.
Your spine is essential for your participation in a healthy, active life. Keep your spine happy, and it will serve you well for years to come! Come in to see us at our Newport Physio clinic, so we can assess any enduring spinal pain, and get you back to health in no time!