Manage Those Restricting Headaches!

Suffering from headaches that just won’t go away? At our Newport physiotherapy clinic, we want to help you get pain free, because what many patients don’t realise is that physiotherapy treatment can help in a massive way.
Most of the patients we see who are suffering from severe headaches generally experience a gradual onset of neck pain through the day, which progresses to neck restriction and tightness, then loss of concentration and then it progresses to severe pain. Sadly, a lot of people leave treatment until they’ve been experiencing their headache for days or in some cases even weeks. Let’s make sure you don’t make that mistake too!
To get you pain free and back to enjoying everyday activities, it is important that our expert physios assess your individual situation and correct the headache causing pain.
So, what causes your headaches?
There are a range of common causes for a headache, many that can be corrected by your physio. These causes can include:
• Neck and upper back stiffness
• Poor posture
• Muscle imbalances, weakness and tightness
• History of neck trauma
• Inappropriate desk setup
• Having the wrong pillow, or a weird sleeping posture
What treatment can get rid of your headache?
In a case where your headache is brought on by one of the above causes, physiotherapy management can prove to be a life saver. Our physios will assess your current situation and provide the most appropriate treatment for you.
To ensure you get the outcomes you desire, it is vital that you get the treatment that you need. So contact us today to say goodbye to your headaches and get back into action!
Speak soon!
From the Back to Health Physio team!