Back to School Checklist

With a huge range of electronic gadgets for both adults and kids there is an increasing number of chronic injury problems occuring as a result. These include neck and back pain, headaches and wrist strains. Ultimately, these can reduce the effectiveness of study time and effcetive learning at school. Things to consider include:

Laptop Ergenomics: It is important to have a separate keyboard and laptop raise for when the laptop is in use at home and to encourage your children to work at a desk when working for any length of time to ensure correct ergonomics.

School Bags: We have noticed that for many students the weight of the bags they are required to carry is impacting on their musculoskeletal health. Any minor injury can be exacerbated with this extra load. If you feel this might be an issue with your child please discuss options with the school such as rolling bags or lockers. If it becomes a significant issue we can conduct a physical assessment and provide advice to the school regarding an appropriate course of action.

Ultimately, here at Back to Health Physiotherapy in Newport, we want to see your kids set up for a win, avoiding things that can lead to muscoskeletal injury or pain. Come in to see us for any pain today!