Common Surf Injuries

Common Surf Injuries

Repetitive paddling movements used in both surfing and swimming can lead to shoulder impingmenets and injuries if we’re not careful. When paddling, we tend to use and strengthen the same shoulder muscles (rotator cuff muscles), whilst the muscles with the opposite action can become weaker. An imbalance in muscular strength around the shoulder can often lead to the stronger muscles pushing the bone in the socket toward the bone above, causing pain or impingement. When untreated, this can progress to a cuff tear, which requires a much longer process of  healing. These cuff tendons also degenerate with age, making a longer healing process for those over 40. Resting and stretching these muscles and ensuring you paddle with the correct technique will help reduce the risk of shoulder injuries and help you continue surfing in the long run. However, it is so important to listen to your body, and recognise pain from injury or damage.


Here at Back to Health Physiotherapy, there are many ways in which we can help treat your shoulder injuries. The treatments will work on:

  • Restoring the full range of motion within the shoulder joint
  • Developing scapular stability in order to create a strong base for movements
  • Developing strength within the rotator cuff and surrounding muscles, particularly the weaker muscles.

Addressing the issue early will help you to recover faster- so don’t hesitate to come see us in Newport!