Returned to your desk for the year and have a painful neck already?

Returned to your desk for the year and have a painful neck already?

Here are 3 key tips to avoid a frustrating, painful neck that could last all year!

1. Fix your ergonomics! – This is something so many people are always “getting around to”.

Fix your workstation – at work and at home;

  • screen up at eye line
  • keyboard and mouse close to you
  • desk at a height where forearms sit on the desk with elbows near 90 degrees
  • chair high enough that your knees are just about at 90 degrees and feet are comfortably on the ground. Or even better
  • get a sit-down-stand-up desk!

2. Posture awareness – Be mindful with all your daily positions – in bed, at work, in the car or bus, on the couch. Sit up as tall as you can, chin in, shoulders back and maintain that. It can be hard at first but keep working on it. Good posture releases stress in your joints and muscles and is key to relieve neck pain for the long term.

3. Don’t spend too long in one spot – Even with great posture our bodies are designed to move, its recommended that you get up from your desk and at least walk around your chair and sit back down again every 20 min. Stand up after finishing each chapter of your book, get up in the adds of your tv show (or at least pause Netflix every 20 min for a quick stretch!). Your body loves movement

For more key information for great neck health or to get your sore neck fixed properly give us a call or book online today.