The 3 common mistakes new runners make that increase the risk of injury.

The risk of injury for new runners is significantly higher when common errors are made.

The good news is taking these 3 simple steps will reduce the risk of injury and ensure that you enjoy your running this year.

If you’ve ever wondered why you get aches and pains or more serious injuries due to running, then keep reading. These 3 steps can change your life:

Avoid running at the same pace all the time. Simply altering the pace at which you run reduces repetitive load. This will help to prevent overuse injuries.

Manage your training load and ensure your body is having enough rest between each run. Fatigue negatively affects technique and plays a role in many running injuries.

Refrain from running a marathon on the first day! Increase distance gradually. Sudden increases in load will often lead to injuries. It is important to gradually develop the required level of fitness and conditioning.

If these 3 steps to reducing injury risk resonates with you and you would like some help with a running program or if you already have an injury, we would love to help you!!