Training Your Core!

Poor core strength can cause poor posture, lower back pain and general weakness in your arms and legs. This is because the muscles of your core stabilize your spine and pelvis, and this stability helps transfer the strength needed to rapidly contract the muscles here for more powerful movements. Here at Back to Healthy Physiotherapy, we’ll tell you how you can not only improve your posture and prevent injuries like the dreaded back pain, but also let you know how awesome core strength can improve your everyday.
So why is core stability so great?
When you incorporate core stability exercises into a structured routine, you help improve muscular control and even reduce the likelihood of injuries. The importance and function of the central core of the body is for stabilisation in all sports activities. It is the core that is the basis for all movements- and the strength or weakness of your core will dictate the control and fluidity of your athletic movements.
What are the benefits of training my core?
Having core stability and a great core training structure is essential to enhancing sports performance and injury prevention for any active patient. The body’s core muscles are the foundation for all other movements and their role in rehab and injury prevention is so important. Your torso muscles stabilize your spine and provide a solid foundation for movement.
By implementing a killer core strengthening training structure into your routine you can expect some awesome benefits like giving yourself improved performance in your sporting activity, reduce risk of injury and function better in daily life. If you don’t have a training routine, there are a range of exercises you can do without a gym.
Everyone is at a different level of core strength, so to be able to give you the best advice possible, give our Newport clinic a call today and book into to see one of our excellent physio’s that will be able to give you exercises to improve your core stability.