Is There a Link Between Weather and Pain?

You may have heard of the old wives tale that increased joint pain means that the weather is changing. What is the scientific consensus on this topic though? Is there truth in the belief that colder and/or wet weather equals joint pain?

Unfortunately there is no consensus! Numerous studies have been done exploring this topic and all of them have issues with the way the study was conducted. A recent narrative review of this topic found that there were conflicting results, showing both positive and negative correlations between pain and temperature or other weather variables. This means that even if there is a relationship between weather and pain, it is a very weak one and the fear of weather affecting one’s condition is probably the main cause of weather associated pain! 

Generally speaking, most people are less active during the winter months because it is colder, darker, and quite frankly just not as enjoyable. By decreasing the amount of activity one is doing it can lead to an increase in pain or discomfort which leads to a further spiral of inactivity deepening that association of bad weather causing pain.

The solution? Keep active and do activities that can boost your mood and keep you moving. Your joints will thank you for it because motion is lotion!

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