Spring Cleaning and Gardening

The New Year is the perfect time to reset and give our homes a good clean out to shake the dust off of 2020. However, vigurously spring cleaning the home often leads to aches and pains in the body- it’s a real workout for many! Risk of injury can be lowered by following these simple tips:

  1. Warm up! Seems pretty straight forward, but you’ll be surprised by the difference it makes in reducing the risk of pain in the body when do your gardening.
  2. Be mindful of “problem areas.” If you are aware of areas of your body that have a history of pain or discomfort, take care of them!
  3. Take breaks! When in the zone it can be tempting to perservere through pain and discomfort. However, you’ll thank yourself in the long run if you are vigilant in taking regular rest breaks (even if you don’t feel pain or aches yet).
  4. Don’t ignore pain. Take a break and do simple stretches in the moment. If pain increases or persists, don’t continue working! This could worsen your pain.

Come in to see us here at Back to Health Physiotherapy in Newport for any injuries you may have incured in your yearly spring cleaning. We are open through the New Year Period and would love to help you with your pain.

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