Managing shoulder pain doesn’t have to be a daunting task!

Managing shoulder pain disorders can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be!

A recent research review studied the current evidence on the effect of exercise programs on the shoulder pain of elite swimmers.*

The results showed strong evidence for the effectiveness of exercise in treating shoulder pain.

The results from various included studies showed;
1. Less incidence of shoulder pain in swimmers performing an exercise intervention versus those who did not.

2. Evidence from case reports of dramatic improvement in shoulder pain after engaging in an exercise program including strength and stretching exercises.

3. One study reported a remarkable improvement from 9.5/10 pain to 0/10 pain after 8 weeks.

4. All studies who tried to improve shoulder strength did improve strength, particularly with a 12-week or longer program.

They concluded that exercise is effective in managing and preventing shoulder pain in swimmers.

We find the same is true for non-swimmers as well.

* Yoma M, Herrington L, Mackenzie T (2022) The Effect of Exercise Therapy Interventions on Shoulder Pain and Musculoskeletal Risk Factors for Shoulder Pain in Competitive Swimmers: A Scoping Review. J Sport Rehabil, 31(5), 617-628.