Do you need orthotics?

Why do we sometimes need orthotics?

Orthotics are designed to restore optimal lower limb biomechanics when standing, walking and running. They stabilise and support the feet to optimise your centre of gravity over the foot at each part of your gait. This helps to maintain joints and muscles in their ideal positions, reducing injuries and increasing efficiency and performance.

The most effective orthotic is fully customized to your feet and your lifestyle.

At Back To Health Physiotherapy we use the Gaitscan system to assess your feet using computerized pressure analysis with 4096 sensors at 300 frames per second. This extremely accurate data along with our clinical assessment is used to create orthotics individual to your foot giving you the best result.

How will orthotics help your pain?

By restoring your optmimal biomechanics orthotics decrease the pressure through certain muscles, ligaments and tendons in your foot, ankle, knee, hip and lower back as you walk or run. This makes your gait more efficient and stops soft tissue structures from having to work harder than necessary. These changes may be small but because of the repetitive nature with which we use our feet these changes make an enormous difference to your feet over time.

Types of orthotics:

To have the best effect, orthotics should be worn as much as possible so your body can adapt to its more efficient biomechanics. This means the orthotic should be able to fit in and be comfortable in your different shoes specific to your lifestyle. There are different materials and designs to enable this.

Findings related to the use of orthotics:

  • 67% of people over-pronate, meaning that the medial arch of their foot collapses down as they take weight over their foot (only 30% are neutral!) (1)
  • Orthotics have been shown to decrease peak pressure under the foot by 36% compared to wearing no orthotic (2)
  • Customized semi-rigid orthotics had a moderate to large beneficial effect in treating and preventing plantar fasciitis and posterior tibial stress fractures, and small to moderate effects in treating patellofemoral pain syndrome (3)

Our unique orthotic guarantee

We believe our orthotics will assist in correcting your lower limb biomechanics and therefore assist the healing of related injuries. We are so confident we guarantee results.

Here at Back to Health we see a large number of foot and biomechanical issues.  If you or someone you know is showing any signs call us on 9997 4970 or book online. We will conduct a thorough assessment, address any issues and provide treatment ensuring a swift recovery!

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