Joint pain? Don’t put up with it!


Suffering joint pain? You shouldn’t have to……

If you are experiencing soreness, stiff knees, hips, back, neck, shoulders, ankles, hands or feet chances are you may have a degree of degeneration in a particular joint. This wear and tear of the cartilage is termed osteoarthritis (OA). Many people live with pain for long periods completely unnecessarily

Here at Back to Health there is a lot our Physiotherapists can do you for you, your relative or friend/s with arthritis. Physiotherapy, is a non-invasive treatment option in the management of osteoarthritis encompassing a number of modalities. (1)

Specific joint mobilisation, soft tissue therapy, strapping, Scenar therapy, orthotic prescription and pain free specific exercises combined with important education on other aspects of cartilage degeneration is the best way to decrease pain, improve functioning and manage OA. (1)

Simply doing the CORRECT exercises prescribed to you specifically by one of our Physio’s 3 x per week can decrease your pain and improve your daily functioning. (2)

Physiotherapy before a hip joint replacement will decrease your recovery time and give you a better long-term result. (3)

And its not just hips and knees that benefit from Physiotherapy. We get fantastic results for people with back and neck arthritis. Degenerative spines also respond very well to a number of treatments including hands on treatment and careful, specific strengthening exercises.

If you have a stiff or sore joint don’t just think that painkillers or an operation are your only options. Come in to Back to Health Physiotherapy and let us help you get rid of pain and stiffness long term!

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