An Exercise Guide Based On Your Age

Having a physical exercise routine is extremely beneficial, however, when we are not sure what to do, it can be fairly challenging to get started. That’s why we have created an exercise guide for you, based on your age!

For individuals aged 18 to 65, it is recommended to do at least 2 hours and 30 minutes of moderately intense exercise each week as well as strength training exercise twice a week.

Ages 18 to 29 Years: 30 minutes of weight training & 30 minutes of cardio, 3x a week.
                                    And 45 – 60 minutes of straight cardio, 3x a time.

Ages 30 to 39 Years: 60 minutes of circuit training (cardio & resistance), 4x a week.
                                    And 45 – 60 minutes of intense cardio, once a week.

Ages 40 to 49 Years: 60 minutes of weight training, 3x a week
                                    And 45 minutes of moderate to low-intensity cardio, 5x a week.

Ages 50 to 59 Years: 20 – 40 minutes of low-intensity cardio, 4 to 6x a week.
                                    And 30 minutes of weight training, 2x a week, always stretch afterwards.

Ages 60 to 69 Years: Challenging but not exhausting cardio, 3x a week.
                                    And slower lightweight training, 3x a week, always stretch afterwards.

Ages 70+ Years: Strength training, 2x a week, always stretch afterwards.

For individuals above the age of 65, it is recommended to focus more on exercises that help your balance.

Some exercises for weight training that can be done at home are squats, lunges, calf raises, side planks, push-ups, walking lunges, tricep dips, or step-ups. All of these exercises use your body as the “weight” so you don’t need any equipment.

Some ideas for cardio are walking, swimming, cycling, dancing, zumba, skipping, or running. You can adjust the intensity of all of these activities by changing the pace and/or duration of the exercise.

You can also create cardio circuits yourself by combining some of the weight training tasks, with short bursts of cardio, and as many repetitions that feel comfortable for you. A circuit typically has several different tasks, with a small break in between. For example, 1 minute of each task with a 30-second break, repeat 5 times.

Being physically active benefits your well-being, whilst reducing the risk of disease, strengthening your bones and muscles, improving your ability to do everyday activities, and helping manage your weight.

It is always advisable to check with your GP or Physio if you have been sedentary and are planning to make a significant change to your exercise levels to make sure it is OK for you.

If you are still struggling to get started, you can come to our strength and stability exercise classes here at Back to Health Physio for less than $50 an hour. They are run by physiotherapists in groups of 4 to 6. You can click below to book or call us on 9997 4970 for more information.