Overseas Ski and Snowboarding Prep

Planning a ski trip overseas this holiday season? 

When it comes to winter, especially for our therapist from Canada, the first thing that comes to mind is snow. Lots of it.  One of the best activities to do with all that snow is to slide down from the top of the hill with either 1 or 2 pieces of “wood” attached to your feet.  So for all of our Snowboarders/Skiers, are you ready for the season? Strength, endurance, balance, and flexibility are all the key components to make sure you can make it through your trip injury free. 

Do you have the mobility in your hips or ankles to carve up the mountain and glide effortlessly down? No? Well follow this simple plan to help prepare you for your snowy adventures. The plan is fairly simple and can be done with zero/minimal equipment.

Just visit our custom link for a quick plan with video examples as well!: