Optimising My Recovery_Part 4

The fourth and final part of our optimizing recovery series: Optimal Movement.

Countless times we have seen an injury worsen or take longer to recover because the individual has either stopped moving entirely or is ignoring the pain and other symptoms to keep themselves moving (against all recommendations). Now our body is made to move, and movement has a role in recovery with actions such as muscle pump to move blood and inflammation to/from the site of injury. So when we stop moving entirely, our joints stiffen, muscles tighten, and the injured site is not exposed to an appropriate healing level of load. On the flip side, too much movement/activity can keep the tissues engaged at a higher level, preventing the natural healing processes to work. In conjunction with last week’s article, if the movement is pain inducing, then a fear of movement can develop, ultimately causing an alteration to movement patterns and/or a complete avoidance of movement which leads you down a crazy cycle of avoiding more and more movement, thus more pain when you do finally try and move! Therefore, optimal movement is key! Try and keep yourself moving in accordance to recommendations by your physio in order to get you back to full function as soon as possible.

In summary, with a proper balance of nutrition, sleep, movement, and mental state you place yourself in the best position to get back to health and back to life as fast as possible. Don’t suffer through your injuries! Book in with one of our physios today so we can help you get back to full health in no time.