Musicians and their Injuries

Many people don’t realise that playing instruments can be quite physically taxing. Developing your skills as a musician requires hours and hours of practice and sometimes in the most awkward positions. As a result, musicians commonly develop a repetitive strain injury from their practice and sustained positions without proper practise habits. Wind and brass instrument players tend to get this a bit less because their lips generally get sore before anywhere else. However, string players, drummers and the slumping pianists may practice and practice and practice- leading to pain.

It doesn’t have to be this way though! With awareness of your body and proper positioning, stretches, warm-ups, and healthy practice habits, you can play to your heart’s content without long term damaging effects! Imagination training is one technique which can help improve your skill away from your instrument, allowing you to practice and develop the skill without that repetitive strain. Another tip is warming up with stretches and a range of motion exercises which can help set your body up for your practice or performance sessions.

So, if you are a musician suffering through pain while you play, suffer no longer! Put into practice these tips and with some guidance from one of our physios at Back to Health Physiotherapy in Newport. We can get you playing better and pain free in no time!