Keep Moving In Isolation!

As might be obvious to you, exercise is not just for our physical health. There are multiple benefits to exercise that are overlooked. Did you know that exercise has a profound impact on blood sugar and insulin levels? And can help you reduce the risk of certain cancers? However in this time of isolation, one benefit of exercise that you may find most important, is its impact on your mood.

Studies have shown that exercise can not only prevent but also treat depression, stress, and anxiety. The mood boosting qualities of a 10 minute morning workout are also equivalent to a cup of coffee in the morning. Exercise helps to keep your thinking, learning, and judgement skills sharp, improves your sleep, helps you to quit smoking and even improves your sexual health! Once again, exercise has a profound impact on multiple facets of our lives and while we are in self-isolation or stuck working from home without the normal social interactions that we may be used to, it becomes extra important to move. Take frequent movement breaks and work up that sweat. Your body and mind will thank you for it.  Stay safe and move everyone!