Creaky Knees

Ever get up from the ground or chair and your knee makes a freaky creaky sound? Or you ever squat down and it feels like you are listening to an orchestra play scary music in your knees? Those sounds are called crepitations and 99% of subjects have no pain associated with it!

Research has shown that the creepy creaky sounds can lead to worrying, anxiety and eventually to fear-avoidance behaviour- yet they have nothing to do with any pathologies! In most cases the sound is a normal pressure change within the synovial fluid of the joint and just sounds odd. As long as you are not experiencing pain with those creaks and pops you are not damaging your knees or worsening knee osteoarthritis. You may notice that if you work on strengthening your lower limbs the “severity” of the pops may diminish!

If you are concerned about your creaky knees we at Back to Health Physiotherapy in Newport are always here to help you develop appropriate exercise routines to help you achieve goals and keep you active for life!