Acute Wry Neck

Imagine someone calling out your name and you quickly turn your head to see who it was. As you do so you feel a quick sharp pain in the neck and now you can’t turn your head at all (or very little). Welcome to acute wry neck. 

What Is Acute Wry Neck?

It is the sudden and severe sharp pain that happens with an initial quick head movement and is normally accompanied by spasms or extreme tightness within the neck musculature.  It is generally caused by a dysfunction within the facet joints of the cervical spine.

What can be done about it?

Many of our modalities of treatment bring relief and a return to functionality very quickly. These include SCENAR, Dry needling, manual joint mobilizations and soft tissue releases. When these are carried out with a neck specific exercise program the risk of re-injury becomes very low- a strong neck is a healthy neck!

How long can I expect treatment to take?

Neck pain tends to calm down very quickly and in most cases we see a full resolution of symptoms within 2- 4 weeks

What happens within our treatments

The treatments will work on:

  • Restoring the full range of motion to the neck
  • Correcting posture
  • Strengthening the cervical musculature

Can anything else help me?

Some adjunct therapies/products that may help in your treatment of acute wry neck include; Posture-pro, and Lumbar rolls.

Too long, didn’t read? Acute wry neck reacts very quickly to treatment and the creation of a strong neck is key for preventing re-injury.