3 Tips to Get Rid of Pain and Stiffness from Driving

Have you got a sore mid back and shoulders from work or driving? Here are the top 3 tips to get rid of your pain and stiffness!

1.Move more: we’ve all heard this, but if you actually take steps to action it, it works! Being stationary causes your joints and muscles to stiffen. Set reminders on your phone to prompt you to stand up at work, put a fluro post in note on the edge of your screen, whatever it takes to move more – even if its just for a minute. The Australian Physio Association recommends getting up 2 -3 x per hour from your desk.

2. Correct you posture: Again, we all know this, but with some persistence for a few weeks and a structured approach you can achieve great posture. Set reminders to let you know to focus on your posture, get your friends and colleagues to remind you, roll you shoulders backwards frequently to stop them rounding forwards.

3. Loosen your thoracic spine: Getting you thoracic joints moving better is key to long term back health – a Physio can use manual therapy to effectively loosen your spine and give you appropriate exercises you can do at home such as lying on a special posture device and stretching your back muscles.

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