3 tips to avoid tennis elbow!

3 tips to avoid getting Tennis elbow!

Lateral elbow pain is very common today with repetitive movements so prolific in many of our jobs and daily activities. People often underestimate it as an annoying pain at first, but it can be very frustrating and debilitating for some.

Here are 3 tips to avoid it:

  1. Train yourself to be more ambidextrous. The more evenly you can use both hands for daily activities the more load you can distribute and not load up one arm.
  2. Avoid repetitive tasks or if that’s impossible, have breaks. Be especially careful with repetitive tasks that you are not used to doing as this can overload the tendon near your elbow.
  3. Improve your forearm strength. More muscle strength in your forearms mean they can handle more stress from activities which is protective against tennis elbow. Gradual, progressive strengthening is important.

If you have any questions or know anyone suffering with tennis elbow there are very effective treatments, we use to completely fix elbow pain. Just ask one of our friendly physiotherapists!