TMJ picture

Jaw clicking? We can help!

You could be experiencing temporomandibular joint dysfunction. Temporomandibular joint is the name of the joint that is located either side of your head, just in front of your ears.  

In most cases, temporomandibular joint dysfunction is caused by a combination of factors like jaw injuries and joint disease, such as arthritis. It is believed that bruxism (tooth clenching or grinding) and head or neck muscle tension may make temporomandibular joint dysfunction symptoms worse. Stress is also a possible factor. However, it is not clear if stress causes temporomandibular joint dysfunction or is a result of them.

Pain symptoms you may be experiencing:
– Clicking, popping, crunching or grinding noise when you chew, yawn or open your mouth
– Neck, shoulder or even back pain
– Migraines or headaches
– Jaw pain
– Tinnitus

Most cases of temporomandibular joint dysfunction can be treated effectively with a course of physiotherapy exercises and treatment.