Come join our strength and stability class!

Are you feeling stiff and weak and wanting to improve your ability to do the things you love?
Are you looking for an exercise class but you are not confident with where to go or what to do?

Our closely-supervised and physio-run strength and stability classes are open for new clients on Monday’s and Thursday’s

These classes use pilates-inspired exercises designed to improve strength, balance and posture. Each group is also engaging and people enjoy the social engagement with the group. The class is run by an experienced physiotherapist who offers targeted focus on areas of weakness customised to the needs and goals of each participant.

The class is suited for all ages and for those who have different medical conditions, injuries, histories and goals. The class runs for approximately 55 minutes with a maximum of 4 people allowing close supervision to ensure each participant learns great technique and gets the most from each session .

Benefits our regulars have gained:
– Developed a connection between mind, body and breath
– Increasing overall strength and muscle tone
– Correcting posture and alignment
– Improving flexibility
– Improving balance to prevent injury
– Increasing body awareness
– Injury prevention and recovery

We currently have some openings for more clients to join our classes. If this sounds appealing to you, please give us a call for more information or head straight in and book online.

Call us: 02 9997 4970