The secret life of sandshoes…….



What are your running shoes telling you and your body?


Did you know most running shoe manufacturers recommend your shoes be replaced after 800km of use?

This is usually long before the external sole or upper of the shoe looks worn and we start to think it’s time to get some new ones. The reason is the key features of the shoe that provide correct support and cushioning will have deteriorated, so you are no longer getting the support and cushioning you need.

This can leave you open to unnecessary injuries, excessive muscle fatigue and poor performance.

If you go for a short run or walk just 3 times a week you cover this distance in under 12 months.

If you like longer distances or are a more frequent exerciser you can easily cover over 800km in less than 6 months.

We find that worn shoes are very often a major contributor to lower limb injuries.

Are your shoes due for replacement?

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