What are Muscle Knots and How Can we Prevent Them?

Muscle knots are areas where tense muscle fibres stick to each other, eventually beginning to tear and form scar tissue. Also known as myofascial trigger points, muscle knots can be either active, where they cause pain without any pressure, or latent, where they only hurt when pressure is applied to them.

Muscle knots occur when a muscle is habitually overused, often by a repetitive or sustained activity. Many of the activities that cause muscle knots are not heavy activities.

An increasing number of people are spending a major part of their days parked in front of a computer, this encourages our muscles to become tight and can lead to knots.

The best course of action is to try and prevent them in the first place, which you can do by making sure to move your muscles regularly throughout the day. If you work a desk job, you should get up at least once every hour for about 15 minutes. And maintain good posture.

If your muscle knots tend to affect one particular area, massaging and stretching that region is a great way to both prevent knots, and treat existing ones.

If they persist you need a professional assessment to determine what changes you need to make. Our highly qualified physiotherapists are very well equipped to help you through this issue.