At Back to Health Physiotherapy, we offer best practice assessment and management of lymphoedema. This involves exercises, wrapping, massage, compression garments and skin care.

Lymphoedema is a condition caused by the blockage in the lymphatic system, part of the immune and circulatory systems. Lymphoedema is most commonly caused by lymph node removal and damage due to cancer treatment.

The main symptom is swelling in the arm or leg but also trunk and breast areas. This can result in pain and discomfort which can greatly affect a person’s quality of life.

If booking treatment for lymphoedema with us please mention this at the time of booking or if booking online, please book in with Diane Bright who holds additional qualifications in the treatment of Lymphoedema.

Made to Order
Compression Garments

We supply made to order compression garments for the treatment of many circulatory problems.
Compression garments have been shown to successfully improve:

  • lymphoedema resulting from cancer
  • lipedema mostly seen in females
  • chronic oedema
  • venous disease
  • occupations requiring long periods of standing eg nursing
  • oedema associated with swelling during pregnancy

Selecting the most appropriate compression garment is vital. The range of styles has improved greatly over the years. This includes fabric type, colour, compression class and style of garments.

At Back to Health Physiotherapy, we are trained to help you find the most suitable garment, combining clinical and aesthetic needs.