Month: November 2020

The Dangers of Social Media

Physiotherapists have been seeing an increased number of hip and back injuries in teenage dancers as they try and achieve greater flexibility to maximise their ability to achieve their dance goals. According to physiotherapist Debra Crookshanks, an International Association of Dance Medicine and Science board member, overtraining is rife because competitions and Eisteddfords are “fierce,” …

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Working From Home

You may have thought we’d be back in the office by now- however for many of us, it’s looking like the home office will remain our work office for the months to come. With this in mind, we need to ensure we have an appropriate ergonomic setup to minimise headaches, neck strain and RSI type …

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Cool Downs

What do you do for the most effective cool-down after exercise? There are two types of cool-downs: Active and Passive. Active cool-downs are an extra few minutes of low-moderate intensity exercise. Passive cool-downs utilise aids such as ice packs or simply resting. A common thought and perception has always been that an active cool-down aids …

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