Month: August 2018

What are Muscle Knots and How Can we Prevent Them?

Muscle knots are areas where tense muscle fibres stick to each other, eventually beginning to tear and form scar tissue. Also known as myofascial trigger points, muscle knots can be either active, where they cause pain without any pressure, or latent, where they only hurt when pressure is applied to them. Muscle knots occur when …

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Why do I have Neck Pain?

Roadworks during peak hour. Screaming kids on flights (someone else’s, or worse, your own). The neighbours’ house alarm that goes off when they are on holiday. All of the above are certified pains in the neck and unfortunately, little research has been done into how best to prevent their occurrence. Even worse than these figurative …

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Want to Prevent Osteoarthritis?

Here are 3 evidence based tips to minimise your risk of developing osteoarthritis! (P.S these tips also help manage it!) 1 – Maintain a healthy body weight throughout your life. The extra pressure that increased body weight (body fat) puts on your load bearing cartilage is well documented. This increases the rate of wear and …

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